About Us

Polycraft is a multiproduct- multidivision company with over 30 years of standing for innovative products & projects. Our products can be seen on store shelves & factories all over the world from Australia, Japan, Europe to North & South America.We Interact with international agencies & corporations for technology transfers, licensing and new tie ups regularly.

Polycraft is reputed for its novel designs & exciting new product launches every year. We work closely with international companies who value quality, creativity & just in time supplies for their operations in all parts of the world. Today Polycraft has on its clients list almost 300 of the top 500 most successful companies/institutions in India including the giant Government corporations.Polycraft actively helps develop items for global markets, adds value & work as partners with exporters for their packaging & technical components developments and supplies.

Our design & development strengths enable us to develop almost everything in rigid packagings, novel containers ,precision plastic components for industry ,office, home & travel.
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